That first grandmother moment

Nick and AveryI look through the glass at my baby leaning over his baby, holding her little hand, comforting her while the nurses process her through the newborn clean up and immunization routine.

Our side of the glass is crowded with both sets of grandparents, three of her uncles, two of her great grandmothers, great-aunts, second cousins, and some dear friends who are all there to welcome¬†Avery Elizabeth into our lives. At the same moment my husband Ted’s mother is a couple of floors up in the same hospital. Due to health risks she won’t get to see Avery but she does see pictures just hours later.

We take turns at the window taking pictures with our phones to capture the first moment we saw her. As I snap a picture and step away from the glass I am dazzled by the unconditional, unqualified love I feel for this baby who I haven’t even met face to face yet.

Almost every relationship develops over time. Connections strengthen because we have common bonds. And I can hardly wait to discover who Avery is, to see her personality, to listen to her thoughts, to share experiences with her, ¬†to appreciate and support her interests and talents, and to be part of her life. But none of that has to happen for me to feel the way I do about her now. No matter what, forever and ever, she’s my Avery and I’m her Lady. (That’s my grandmother name unless she decides to change it).

This immediate connection to someone is rare and different. I remember feeling this way before. Three times. In 1986, in 1988, and in 1993 when each of our sons were born. I was privileged to share that unique moment with my sister-in law and brother-in law when my niece was born. And now I see it in my son’s eyes when he looks at his daughter.

That moment felt like eternity was dancing in circles.