January – Try a new food every day.

I love the Ted Talk by Matt Cutts – Try Something New for a Month. I’ve done this for several years but not every day and not every month. I skipped several months last year but I missed doing it so January is try a new food every day. I really want to try some veggies I’ve never tasted before but I’m not making hard and fast rules on this. As long it’s something I’ve never tried or something prepared in a way I’ve never tried I’m considering it a new food. I haven’t been to the grocery store in 2016 yet so I challenged myself a bit by choosing this one for January. I used what was in the fridge and pantry to cover Jan 1 and 2.

1.  I made a chicken salad using a combination of ingredients I’d never tried together before. I chopped up leftover lemon spiced chicken and pecans and mixed them with some sour cream, some plain yogurt, and olive oil mayo.  Basically i’m trying to eat up leftovers from Christmas and other gatherings and this was in the fridge along with some pears that were dangerously close to overripe.  I ate the chicken salad on slices of pear instead of bread or crackers. The combination tasted really fresh and delicious. I think if I do this again I’ll try adding some celery, shredded carrots, and grapes to the chicken salad.  I hate going to the grocery store so I tend to get creative to avoid it. This time was a win.

2.  I tried Honey Roasted Mixed nuts. I tend to just eat plain nuts but I accidentally bought these for Ted (my husband, not the talk) thinking they were the Honey Roasted Peanuts he likes. Anyway, I gave them a try and they were really sweet. They tasted good but I’m not sure I’d have them again because the sugary coating defeats the purpose of mixed nuts. I actually prefer tasting the various nut flavors but the coating made them all taste pretty much the same.

This is the talk.