Mother’s day poems

Mother’s Day ABC’s for my kids
Amazed since you looked up at me for the first time;
Breathless since your first moment of awareness;
Cheering since your first step;
Delighted since your first word;
Empathetic since your first cry;
Family fun is still and thing;
Grateful to call you sons;
Happy to play with you;
Ignited by your curiosity and creativity;
Joyful because of you;
Kinder because of you;
Love you each so much and forever;
Mindful of your uniqueness;
Noise from your play was my music;
Overcoming my fears to be the mom I need to be;
Playing with you never grows old;
Questions from you challenged my thinking;
Reading to you made me so happy;
Summers were the best;
Thankful every day I get to be your mom;
Understanding so much more because of you;
Value each of you beyond measure;
Welcome every visit and call now;
X stands for Christ who I see in each of you;
You all make my day;
Zip it if you are going to make fun of this poem.

Since I’m a sensible mom

There are times I don’t understand you
Sometimes none of you make sense
If your six shoes would fit my feet
I’d walk in your footprints.
I accept you hear a drumbeat
That might be way out of my range
I love the you that you are now
I’m not asking you to change.
Besides, life from my point of view
Might not make much sense to you.

Just freakin’ call me

Fear burrows in my stomach
Fear has me on all fours
I need information
I want to know the score
I want to have an answer
That call I’m waiting for

Fear ignites my imagination
I can’t let it go
Fear lights up my neural circuits
Worse case scenarios

I worry that the worse has happened
What would that worse be?
What can I do about it?
A worse that I can’t see

I want to let it go
I want to sleep in peace
I want a little comfort
Text an “I’m ok” at least?