Why Communion should have fireworks

So they asked me to do communion at church and I started thinking about my 50 years of the communion with Roman Catholics, Methodists, Jesus People, Baptists, Assemblies of God, Non-denoms. Most of them were pretty somber.

Did Jesus say “Do this in remembrance of me” so that every week we can revisit our past sins, feel guilty of His body and blood, and engage in some form of mental or emotional self-flagellation? No wonder a lot of churches just do communion once a month.

Jesus said that His body was given for us and that His blood was the new covenant. If Christ had not risen this would be Memorial Day for a fallen warrior who lost a war. But He did rise. Communion is Victory Day, a celebration of Christ’s defeat of death, sin, and the Evil One. Communion is Veteran’s Day honoring Jesus and Independence Day, a celebration of the freedoms He won for us.

“It is finished” was no cry of defeat. Its was a victory cry proclaiming His Kingdom and announcing liberty to the captive, sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed. Today we celebrate our Independence Day! So feast together.

Jesus announced a new covenant of grace and reconciliation. His shed blood changed our status from adherents to the laws of Jehovah to true born children of the Father. We celebrate our true birthdays as children not only adopted into His family, but reborn and indwelt by the Spirit. We celebrate Father’s Day with our loving Father and all our birthdays. So raise your cups to and drink to Christ’s covenant that makes us family.

Thank you Jesus, I think Communion should have fireworks.