20 Things I want to do before I die in no particular order

  1. Whitewater rafting
  2. Paint something amazing
  3. Publish that QSR book
  4. Write a piece of fiction I like
  5. Write a piece of fiction that someone other than me likes
  6. Zip line
  7. Hike at least 10 miles of Appalachian Trail
  8. Lose 50 pounds and keep them off
  9. Read everything on my Goodreads “Want to read list”
  10. Learn to speak French or Spanish
  11. Face my fears
  12. Simple math
  13. Increase awareness of current events
  14. Reconnect with family
  15. Understand quantum theory
  16. Spend a week alone in the mountains without having to talk to anyone
  17. Open mike comedy standup
  18. Learn more objective information about early Christianity
  19. Learn to sculpt in metal
  20. Entertain without stressing

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