Awake and aging with each blink

I am awake. Again. Not worried. Not upset. Just awake. It’s as if I’m afraid of missing something. Nothing happening here. Not. One. Thing.
I used to be able to make myself go to sleep. I would start my dream. I would relax my body from head to toes. And go to sleep. Fast. But not lately.
I feel the hours ticking by and soak them up like sunshine and rain. Sleep is supposed to be therapeutic. It’s supposed to restore. I need sleep for the hours I’m awake to be good.
and yet I am here at 1:36 not tired, not sleepy, just here.
I’ve got 140,160 hours if I live to be 75. Seems like I could spare some of those to sleep.
I used to be able to sleep anywhere. Now I feel like the princess and the pea and little folds in the mattress cover dig into my side. and I feel my back ache. and my legs cramp and twitch. and I snore. and I don’t sleep well because I’m concerned that I’ll snore. I don’t know what all that is about. Aging I guess.
I blinked and five years went by. Just think what will happen if I close my eyes and sleep. Maybe the rest of my life.