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I’m tired: a little rant about news media (With apologies to Mel and Madeline)

Here I stand, the goddess of Information
So tired of “news”
I want to vomit.
Neither fourth estate nor the fifth serve the truth.
Just a quick post, unproofed;
and then comments.
Undocumented sources always annoy me.
Poor research destroys me.
My one request:
Stop editing to support your narrative,
Make objective your motive.
Give commentary a rest.

I’m tired
The arguments are trite
The logic is a fright
From the left and the right.
Tired, tired of unvetted sources,
Of political agendas endorsed.
Let’s face it,
They’re tiresome.

I’ve seen 1000’s of articles slide
Language intended to guide
The reader to see just one side.
They”re always writing and posting,
Posting and writing,
With sensationalist

I’m tired,
Tired of opinion as fact,
Tired of listening to hacks.
I’m so tired
dammit I’m exhausted!

Tired, tired of fallacious reasoning,
Tired of political seasoning,
I’m so tired.

[Chorus of unbiased logicians:]
She’s tired (She’s tired)
Of all caps and red (She’s tired)
Of dumb ideas poorly said (She’s tired)
Put that paper to bed (Can’t you see she’s sick)
Tired (She’s exhausted)
Tired of fake news sites (administered by morons)
Sick of pompous mainstream press(commercial pawns)
She’s tired (Don’t you know she’s disgusted)

I’ve read 1000’s terrible posts
Again and again
The truth is a ghost
They write stories that play to our fears
This outrage offends my ears
Oversimplification brings tears

Tired of everyone playing the game
Ain’t it a freakin’ shame
Most media is so…
Let’s face it, everything above the neck is kapput!