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10 things I want to see before I die

Northern-lights-in-Canada-006 (2)The Northern Lights. This picture was taken in Canada. I think seeing them in a forest would probably be my favorite viewing spot. Cold, quiet forests with tall trees inspire me already. Adding colors in the sky should satisfy my wonder-lust. I can probably combine this dream with destinations in Iceland or Scandinavia, which are also in my top 10, but viewing it from a forest is part of my vision.

Antelope Canyon, USA 2Antelope Canyon, AZ This is a canyon on Navajo land near Page, AZ. The only way to see it is to pay for a tour, which doesn’t thrill me, but there is nowhere else like it and just looking at rock waves on a sea of reds takes my breath away.

Cliffs of MoherThe Cliffs of Moher are the Princess Bride’s Cliffs of Insanity. These sandstone cliffs are on the southern end of Ireland not far from Kilkenny where my grandfather Lowry came from. The water against the cliffs cause some unusual formations near the bottom. I want to see Kilkenny and Dublin as well.

Skaftafell ice cavesSkaftafell Ice Caves are in Iceland. I realize after looking at the previous pictures I may be assembling a natural version of a box of crayons. This place is absolutely fascinating. Being from such a warm climate I can’t even imagine the feeling of being inside this cold blue ice. The picture reminds me of that tingly cold feeling excited anticipation causes inside. Iceland has some amazing landscapes. It may seem odd for this to be so high up on the list, but from what I’ve seen in pictures I think I would love being there.

niagara3Niagra Falls is one of those places that I look forward to hearing as much as I look forward to seeing. The power of the water is amazing and I want to experience it in person. I’d like to visit Toronto after seeing the Falls. I’ve never been anywhere in eastern Canada and I’d like to check it out as well.

Castle in the alpsCastle in the Alps I want to see the Alps and want to visit an authentic medieval castle. Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy. I’m not specific on this one. I’m leaning toward Switzerland or Bavaria.

romeRome is full of history. After Paris, which I’ve already enjoyed, Rome is the European city I most want to visit. And Rome is just the beginning. I’d like love to eat and drink my way through Venice and Naples too.

Scandinavia, preferably on a Viking ship – and I don’t mean a cruise liner is one of my dreams. I have always loved the Vikings – I guess the way some little kids like pirates. All the pictures I see of Scandinavian landscapes draw me in. I also love the style, architecture and mythology of that region. I want to go.

Machu PIcchuMachu Picchu in Peru inspires mystery. After teaching mythology the lives and thoughts of ancient people fascinate me.



Patagonia is a region at the tip of South America in Argentina and Chile. This picture is part of the Tierra del Fuego archepelago in Chile. The whole place is a wonderland. Plus my favorite wine comes from Argentina so that’s another plus.

Next 10 – if I win the lottery or something: Edinburgh, Santorini, Boston, Prague, Great Barrier Reef, Maui, Tokyo, Barcelona, Carribean, New Zealand